Tuesday, March 11, 2014

House of Hades by Rick Riordan

Wow, this has taken me forever to write. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this was November's post. For the lateness I'm sorry. 


The House of Hades is a truly wonderful book, and it's the fourth book in a series, and the series it is a part of is what many people are now calling a "Sequel Series". So, in reality I should start from the beginning.

Rick Riordan started Percy Jackson and the Olympians in June of 2005, the first book of five being titled The Lightning Thief. In the first few chapters you meet Percy Jackson(the main character who is around twelve at this point in time), Grover Underwood(who is older than one might think),Annabeth Chase(a very wise girl), and Sally Jackson(Percy's mom, who has an amazing secret). Percy finds out about his heritage in a very dangerous way, and embarks on a fabulous journey which held the 9 year old Rhiannon by the ear. I absolutely love this book.  

The Sea of Monsters, the daring sequel, is another book that also captivated me. Grover, Percy and Annabeth go to save a friend, and end up in some very peculiar places. Percy also meets a long-lost someone who isn't completely human. 

The Titan's Curse, in the third book of the series we meet two very interesting characters, Bianca and Nico De Angelo. They seem to be older than they look, and wiser than you would know. Bianca joins the Hunters of Artemis, and leaves Nico behind, but Nico had Percy promise that if he were ever to find her and travel along, Percy was to do everything in his power to make sure that Bianca would stay alive. But something dangerous has risen.

Next comes The Battle of the Labyrinth, a book that is still vivid in my memory, and it's not going anywhere. Someone from the past that never died resurfaces, and an old friend of Annabeth's is rising to dangerous power. People from the camps are disappearing and Percy is ruthless once again and try's to stop it all. He needs some good luck.

The Last Olympian is the thrilling end to the first series, where an incredible force - I'm sorry, that's multiple incredible forces - rise, threatening everything the trio and the Gods and Goddesses have stood for. The Gods and Goddesses decide that in order to defeat these crazy creatures from the depths of Tartarus, the demigods might need some godly help. The book ends in a fascinating way, causing the reader to be overjoyed that Mr Riordan has continued to create other worlds.

Now, the next series!

The Lost Hero starts with a new characters prospective, and the narrator has a familiar last name. He has no memory of who he once was, just that he was something.

Son of Neptune follows Percy, but he's not in Kansas anymore, Toto. He also has lost his memory, the only thing in his head is her name. Annabeth. Over and over again, on repeat. He must figure who this girl is and why he loves her so much{Sorry, spoiler's alert!!}

In The Mark of Athena seven demigods join together to save something, and Riordan leaves us with a killing{almost literally} clifhanger. The Seven have been seperated, and something dangerous is brewing(Can you tell I want to get to the point?)

House of Hades(Finally)

When Riordan left us at the thrilling end of The Mark of Athena, he agitated many of his fans. Agitated isn't the correct word, probably, but it's the only word I can think of, so please, pretend you understand what I am saying(No, really, don't. I would absolutely love it if you think I am doing something incorrectly and would please tell me, it'd be awesome. That didn't make sense either, but it's been a long day..) **SPOILER ALERT!!** After throwing our favorite 'Ship' into Tartarus, Riordan switches between The Agro II and Percy and Annabeth down in Hades' realm, the Seven weave an exellent story, containing lots of fingernail-biting events and tales that will make you put the book down in embarrasment because someone did something stupid. Rick Riordan overdid himself on his book, and The Blood of Olympus is coming out in October 2014, so if you enjoyed this series, there's more coming. 

~Rhiannon Zwieg

{P.S. if you read through all of that, I applaud you. Thank you for getting to the end of this LONG overdue and Lengthy post! xx}