Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chronicles of Narnia series, favorites

Another audio book/series I listened to as a young child was the Chronicles of Narnia series.
If you haven’t heard of the Chronicles of Narnia, it’s a fantasy series written by C.S. Lewis.
He wrote and released the books in one order, and then rearranged them into a 
chronological order. The series is all about young people from our world being summoned
in various ways to a magical land called Narnia. Each time they are summoned by a 
mysterious and powerful Lion named Aslan. Over the past few weeks I’ve been re-listening
to a few of my favorites in the series.
Book #3-The Horse and His Boy. This story is different than all of the others, since the entire book centers around a character who lives in the world of Narnia, rather than a visitor from our world. It’s all about a boy named Shasta, who lives in a country that is close to the southern borders of Narnia. Two horses, he and another child have to escape to Narnia, and on the way each learns an important lesson about their own shortcomings.
Book #6-The Silver Chair. Two children from our world are summoned to Narnia to find a lost prince and save him from an evil witch and her enchantments. This book is one of my favorites because C.S. Lewis does an even better job than usual of creating instantly classic and loveable characters, no matter how depressed and moping they are all the time.
Book #7-The Last Battle. In this book, the last King of Narnia, two children from our world, and a small group of Narnians who are still loyal to Aslan must fight to survive and remember the true nature of Aslan. As you read through the books, it becomes increasingly more obvious that C.S. Lewis wrote the book as an allegory for his Christian beliefs. In this book in particular, as Aslan stands and brings forth the end of Old Narnia and the beginning of New Narnia, it is clear that these excellent books were never just about adventure, but something much deeper.
Overall, this is one of my favorite series of all time. It blends excellent storytelling with important moral lessons to create a story for the ages. Children, teenagers, and adults throughout the years have enjoyed these books and continue to enjoy them. This is one of series I would recommend to anyone without fear of them not enjoying it.