Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Shadow Over Innsmouth

A while back I discovered an author some people will
 recognize who went by the name of H.P. Lovecraft. Most people
 would know him as the man behind the creation of the mythical
 being known as Cthulu. His books revolve around eldritch beings
 and strange horrors and the fates of the poor mortals who are
 unlucky enough to stumble across them. His word choice and
sometimes murky way of writing all come together to form
psychologically frightening and masterfully written stories about
ancient evils and man’s attempts to confront them. His books have
a strange feel to them, and often end with a twist.

My personal favorite H.P. Lovecraft book is, “The Shadow Over
 Innsmouth.” In this book the main character, a young man celebrating
his coming of age  by traveling through New England, discovers a
strange town by the name of Innsmouth. As he wanders the town
he finds increasingly dark secrets about it and its strange denizens.  

The latter half of the book is dedicated to his daring escape from the
 town and subsequent revelations and realizations. I love this book
 partially because of the hero. He’s quick-thinking, rational, and
 displays all the characteristics we aren’t used to from characters
 in horror books or movies. This book is fantastic, and gives you a
 little shudder after you turn the last page. I definitely recommend it.